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Leading Human unlocks your team's potential through strategic connections.

If you want to drive retention, boost collaboration, and catalyze performance, Leading Human can get your people thriving together.

Let's connect and unlock your organization's full potential today.

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"It was really a wonderful opportunity for the team to learn new leadership skills and improve their connections at work"

SVP, Leadership Essentials Acceleration Program Sponsor

People and connections

We are more disconnected than ever before.

Despite being more connected through technology, people feel more disconnected than ever. Remote and hybrid work reduces in-person interactions. Heavy workloads leave less time for relationships. This disconnection causes lower engagement, productivity, and higher turnover.

We can be more connected and thrive!

With conscious guidance and up-skilling people can learn to build real connections in our modern world. Through a focus on collaboration, communication, and agility employees will increase engagement, raise productivity, and lower turnover.

A group of friends at a coffee shop
A group of friends at a coffee shop
Personal Live Workshops

Provide practical knowledge and skills, addressing challenges and questions in real time.

Expert Guidance

World-class assessments, coaches, and content drive positive behavior change.

Action Guide

The ultimate guide for lasting learning.

AI support, prompts, and resources encourage long-term engagement.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Ensure goals stay on track. We customize tracking and measurement for success.

Our Unique Formula: PEAK

Tailored mix of hands-on learning, coaching, and tech

We teach and coach people how to build connections to increase engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

Passionate about fostering meaningful human connections, we are dedicated to imparting the art of connection to others. Whether leading teams as a conscious and empathetic leader, bridging generational gaps in mentorship relationships, or empowering individuals to connect with their own purpose, team, and company, our focus is on creating authentic and impactful connections.

Managers develop skills to connect and motivate

Employees learn how to build mentor relationships


Leadership Essentials Accelerator Program


Mentorship, Empowerment, Networking, Training, & Encouragement


Finding Objectives, Connecting to Company's Ultimate Strategy

Employees align personal, team and company purpose

  • Boost Connections Develop skills to build trust, communicate effectively, and create a positive team environment.

  • Master Motivation Learn to inspire, set goals, recognize achievements, and empower your team.

  • Grow as a Leader Enhance self-awareness, confidence, decision-making, and influence within the organization.

  • Personal Development Get one-on-one guidance, career tips, and encouragement from seasoned mentors.

  • Improve Skills Learn new abilities, understand your industry better, and gain confidence.

  • Expanded Network Connect with mentors and colleagues to grow your career.

  • Clear Goals. Identify personal and professional aims and align them with the company's bigger plan.

  • Meaningful Direction Align individual objectives with team and company purpose to boost motivation and engagement

  • Valuable Input Make a bigger impact on the company's objectives by gaining the right skills and insights.

We also offer Individual Acceleration Services:

Launch (for new hires), DISC, 360s, and custom coaching

Trusted by top organizations

"LEAP assisted me both personally and professionally. I'm more thoughtful and productive thanks to the Leading Human Program"

  • - Peter V.

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