Group Leadership Development


Leadership Essentials Acceleration Program

Giving leaders a common skill set and language to lead with confidence


Realizing Inspired Success with Empowerment

Shifting managers from boss to coach to align with modern leadership expectations


Shaping Organizational Agility & Resilience

Developing skills for now and resilience for the future during times of change

Who is it for?

  • Leaders striving to unlock the full potential of their teams

  • Managers who guide, not just control or direct

Who is it for?

  • Leaders adapting post-major changes (e.g., layoffs, acquisitions, re-orgs)

  • Individuals preparing for ongoing business shifts (e.g., AI, new executives)

+ Requested Add-on Offerings
1:1 Coaching

Immerse yourself in transformative learning through our experiential onsite events, where dynamic workshops and hands-on activities create an engaging environment for participants to gain practical skills and insights that resonate long after the event concludes.

Experiential On-sites

Elevate your personal and professional growth with our tailored 1:1 coaching services, where our expert coaches provide dedicated guidance and support to help you achieve your goals with precision and clarity.

Recommended Topics *


Building Confidence

Values & Boundaries

Difficult Conversations



Stakeholder Engagement

* customization to align with specific company goals and culture

Recommended Topics *

Self & Team-awareness

Humility & Empathy

Building Trust

Coaching Skills

Giving Feedback

Motivating Employees

Managing Virtually

Recommended Topics *

Self & Team-Awareness

Leading in a Hybrid world

Shared Vision of Success

Effective Communication

Conflict Resolution

Manage Dysfunction


Who is it for?

  • New and emerging leaders

  • Leaders seeking to understand diverse styles and a shared culture

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